. What are the consequences of deforestation

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►Deforestation is the removal or cutting the trees from the forest land.

►There are numerous consequences that are caused by deforestation.


►Deforestation results in the direct exposure of soil to heat and rain, and hence the quality of soil gets affected.

►It causes the shortage of wood and food that are brought from the trees.

►It leads to global warming (increase in temperature) due to an increase in Carbon-dioxide, because the number of trees that absorb Carbon-dioxide becomes less.

►It leads to soil erosion and makes the land infertile.

►It causes floods which will damage the properties of livelihood.

►It causes a decrease in rainfall.

►It leads to the extinction of a variety of wild animals.

Final answer:

The consequences of deforestation include the shortage of wood and food, global warming, soil erosion, flood, less rainfall, extinction of wild animals etc.


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