. What are the Diseases of Heart

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1. Angina pectoris- Pain in heart muscles, appearing as chest pain. It occurs due to conditions that affect the blood flow.
2. Tachycardia -Increased rate of heart beat.
3. Bradycardia - Decreased rate of heart beat.
4. Heart attack- When symptoms such as breathlessness, palpitations, pain in the chest, unconsciousness appear suddenly. 
5.Heart Block-When heart beat is not passed to the ventricles properly. This is the defect of conducting system of the heart.
6. Heart arrest -Sudden stoppage of impulse formation from the major nodal tissue, and hence heart stops beating.
7. Heart failure -Heart failure means the state of heart when it is not pumping blood effectively enough to meet the needs of the body. It is sometimes called congestive heart failure because congestion of the lungs is one of the main symptoms of this disease.
8. Arrythmia-It is irregular heart beat.
9. Coronary thrombosis- It is due to formation of clot in coronary artery.
10. Atherosclerosis (Coronary artery disease)-Thickening of walls of blood vessels due to deposition of fat including cholesterol. Frequently causes Myocardial Ischaemia inadequate flow of blood to a part of heartleading to myocardial infarction (death or tissue due to lack of blood).
11. Myocardial infarction- It is the death of a part of heart muscle following cessation of blood supply to it. It is acute heart attack.
12. Arteriosclerosis- Hardening or loss of elasticity of arteries.


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