. What are the factors affecting the rate of diffusion

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Explanation : 

  • The passive movement of chemicals from a location of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration is referred to as diffusion.

In plants, substance diffusion plays a significant function in cellular transport.

  • Concentration gradients, membrane permeability, temperature, and pressure all influence the rate of diffusion.
  • Diffusion occurs as long as there is a concentration difference between two substances across a barrier. However, diffusion ends,

when the concentrations of the material on either side of the barrier become equal.

  • The rate of diffusion is affected by the permeability of a membrane. The rate of diffusion increases as the permeability of the membrane increases.
  • The diffusion of chemicals is also affected by changes in temperature and pressure.
  • As gases spread from a place, pressure plays a vital part in their diffusion.

Final Answer :

Hence, the factors that affect the rate of diffusion are concentration gradient, Permeability of the membrane, Temperature, Pressure.


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