. What are the Significance of Meiosis

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1. Maintenance of constancy of chromosome number. Meiosis help in the maintenance of a constant number of chromosomes specific to a species. It reduces the diploid number of chromosomes in the gamete forming cell (germ cells) to haploid number in the gametes. Thus, when the gametes of sexually reproducing organisms fuse a diploid zygote is formed.

2. Meiosis introduces genetic variations. During meiosis crossing over occurs resulting in new combination of genes among the daughter chromosomes. Even the paternal and maternal chromosomes assort independently. This leads to different combination of paternal and maternal chromosomes among the daughter cells. The genetic variations help in the evolution of species.

3. Meiosis is essential for the formation of gametes in the sexually reproducing organisms.

4. Meiosis may introduce chromosomal mutations sometimes harmful.


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