. What are the three categories of Literary Sources of History

A. Religious Literature

B. Secular literature

C. Foreign Literature

D. All of the above

Best Answer

Ans. The correct option is D.

History firstly can be defined by two kinds of sources i.e., archaeological sources and literary sources. As far as literary sources we have concerned, historians do act at multi-coloured textbooks, which comprises Religious literature, Secular literature and Foreign Accounts, etc.

Religious literature does play an most important part in inducing out the socio-political history of any society. For example, if we take the case of the Indian subcontinent, where religion played a vital role, we found that Vedas and Puranas is being religiously followed in every house.

By Secular literature, we commonly mean literature that have no religious content. In another words, a textbook consists of meaningful things. These were the sources which advised us about the administration, rules and regulations, etc of an empire. In this division, we've Kalhana’s ‘Rajatarangini’, ‘Arthashastra’ Kautilya, Banbhatta’s ‘Harshacharita’, Zia-ud- noise Barani’s ‘Tarikh-i-Firozshahi’, ‘Akbarnama’ of Abul Fazl etc.

Foreign Accounts, in tracing any country’s history these sources carry vital significance. These are generally accounts written by travellers of different countries during their journey in the concerned city or country. Since ancient times India has been an fascinating place for foreign travellers, multiple used to come then for studying in Nalanda and Takshashila universities, also, many travelled to India to witness its diversity. Chinese traveller Hiuen-Tsang’s (7th century) and Arab rubberneck Al-buruni’s (11th century) accounts deliver us with a huge chunk of knowledge of those times.

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