. What do you mean by Centre of mass

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Centre of mass of a body or system of a particle is defined as, a point at which whole of the mass of the body or all the masses of a system of particle appeared to be concentrated. When we are studying the dynamics of the motion of the system of a particle as a whole, then we need not bother about the dynamics of individual particles of the system. But only focus on the dynamic of a unique point corresponding to that system. Motion of this unique point is identical to the motion of a single particle whose mass is equal to the sum of all individual particles of the system and the resultant of all the forces exerted on all the particles of the system by surrounding bodies (or) action of a field of force is exerted directly to that particle. This point is called the centre of mass of the system of particles. The concept of centre of mass (COM) is useful in analyzing the complicated motion of the system of objects, particularly When two and more objects collide or an object explodes into fragments.

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