. What do you mean by disaster management

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Disaster Management can be defined as the association and operation of resources and liabilities for dealing with all philanthropic aspects of extremities, in particular, preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of disasters. It means that all similar measures should be taken so that hazard cannot take the form of disaster. Since we cannot help the incoming of numerous natural hazards but can reduce their dangerous goods through proper operation, so that the loss of life and property can be minimized. As we know, the present peril isn't from the natural disasters, but are the mortal disasters. Disasters are the consequences of natural or mortal hazards. Thus, through disaster operation, we can help hazards from being turned into a disaster. Disaster operation astronomically encompasses the operation before, during and after a disaster. It simply means planning of colorful way to reduce the fate of a disaster, planning effective response system, planning recuperation and also preparing disaster flexible communities in our veritably own amateur language.

It has been classified into three corridor-

1. Pre-disaster operation

It's related to deliverance indeed before any possible disaster arises. Most important purpose of this is to alleviate mortal loss. That also includes the development of information technology system; rallying of resource for necessary action, assessment of disaster and allocation of a warning and to the people through media, radio etc. transporting the people in a safe place in case of disaster circumstance etc.

2. Operation during Disasters

This is one of the important phases which depends on the position of pre-disaster operation phase. The process of quick action and the help of the victims of the disaster-prone areas, transporting them in safe areas are the base of this. In this, food, apparel and health installations are also handed to the people.

3. Post-disaster operation

In this particular phase, redevelopment and reconstruction of affected areas are done. Also, the administration is bound to help affected people by furnishing them with employment or compensation.

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