. What do you think

was Jo’s problem

Best Answer

Answer . Little Jo had been introduced to the happy ending of the narratives of Roger, where the wizard was useful to him in fulfilling his want. At the request of Roger Skunk, the wizard had changed his awful smell to that of the roses. Other small creatures liked it and played with Roger Skunk happily. She couldn't digest the ending of the extended story where Roger Skunk’s mama hit the wizard on the head and forced him to change Skunk’s smell to the before foul one.

Jo couldn't accept Skunk’s mama’s intransigence e.g. hitting the well-wisher of her son, Roger Skunk. Jo claimed that her father should tell her the same story again the coming day with changed ending. The wizard should hit that unreasonable mammy on the head and leave Roger Skunk emitting the affable smell of roses. In the beautiful world of a child’s imagination, brownies and wizard’s are more real than reality itself. She couldn't digest the harsh realities of life. She didn't like the rude mommy who hit the donator of her own son.

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