. What factors may be responsible for losses of grains during storage

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Ans. There are two main factors responsible for loss during storage. THey are:

Biotic factors and Abiotic factors

A. Biotic factors: The living organisms that include

1) Insects,e.g grubs of pulse beetle; grubs and adults of rice weevil; wheat weevil; caterpillar of grain and flour moth; larvae and adult of rust red flour beetle; larvae and adult of rust red flour beetle; larvae of rice moth and grubs and adults of lesser grain borer.

2) Rodents, e.g., striped squirrel house rat, house mouse, lesser bandicoot rat, etc.

3) Birds, e.g., parakeet, sparrow, bulbul, blue rock pigeon, crow, etc.

4) Miters;

5) Fungi; and

6) Bacteria.

B. Abiotic factors. They include moisture, temperature and other non-living environmental factors like lack of ventilation and light.


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