. What is a bisexual flower

Collect five bisexual flowers from your neighbourhood and with the help of your teacher find out their common and scientific names.


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  • A flower that contains reproductive organs from both male and female is called a bisexual flower.
  • The male reproductive part is called androecium and the female part is called the gynoecium.
  • Petals , sepals, are accessory whorls and are involved in protection of the reproductive inner part of flower.
  • stamen and carpel are essential whorls and are involved in sexual reproduction.
  • Petals are the coloured part of the flower, sepal is the green part of the flower that is a tiny leaf-like present near the base of the flower. 
  • Stamen consists of a long filament to which anther is attached and carpel consists of stigma, style and ovary. 
  • Five bisexual flowers in our neighbourhood are as follows- 
  1. Rose  Rosa rubiginosa
  2. Sunflower Helianthus annuus
  3. China rose Hibiscus rosasinensis
  4. Lily Lilium candidum
  5. Tulip Tulipa gesneriana

 bisexual flower                          


Final Answer:

The above mentioned points correctly define bisexual flowers.


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