. What is a centromere How does the position

of centromere form the basis of classification of chromosomes. Support your answer with a diagram showing the position of centromere on different types of chromosomes.



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Explanation :

On the chromosomes, the centromere is a constriction that holds the chromatids together.

Based on the position of the centromere, chromosomes are classified into four categories.

(i)Metacentric chromosome

A metacentric chromosome is one in which the centromere is located in the middle and divides the chromosome into two equal arms. They seem V-shaped during anaphase.

Metacentric chromosome

(ii) Sub-metacentric chromosome:

 A sub-metacentric chromosome is one in which the centromere is located somewhat distant from the central region. One arm is somewhat longer than the other in this. They seem L-shaped during anaphase.

Submetacentric chromosome

(iii) Acrocentric chromosome 

An acrocentric chromosome is one with the centromere near to one of the terminal ends. One arm is incredibly long, while the other is incredibly short. They appear J-shaped during anaphase.

Acrocentric chromosome

(iv) Telocentric chromosome

A telocentric chromosome is one in which the centromere is positioned at one of the terminal ends. They seem I-shaped during anaphase.

Telocentric chromosome

Final Answer : The centromere is a chromatid-binding constriction on chromosomes.

The position of the centromere on chromosomes can be used to classify them. Metacentric, sub-metacentric, telocentric, and acrocentric are the four categories.




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