. What is an ecosystem? List its two main components

We do not clean natural ponds or lakes but an aquarium needs to be cleaned regularly. Why is it so? Explain.          


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Ans. An ecosystem is a self-contained unit of living things (plants, animals and decomposers) and their non-living environment (soil, air and water). An ecosystem needs only the input of sunlight energy for its functioning.

Ecosystem is made up of two main components:

(i) Abiotic component meaning non-living component.

(ii) Biotic component meaning living component.

An aquarium is an artificial ecosystem. It needs to be cleaned regularly because it has, stagnant water and no decomposers.  Therefore  the  dead  parts  and  excrete  of  the organisms  of the aquarium  are not decomposed  and  would  never be returned to their original pool. The accumulation of these wastes can be dangerous for the living organisms in the aquarium.        .


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