. What is bud? Explain bud based on their postion

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It is a condensed immature axis having undeveloped internodes because of which the leaves become overlapped and the bud acquires a compact structure 

According to their position, buds are of mainly two types: Normal and Adventitious:

Normal bud

These are present on stem and its branches. It is of following types.

(a) Terminal or Apical buds

These are present at the terminal end and are meant for increasing the plant height.

(b) Axillary buds

These are formed in the axil of leaf.

(c) Accessory buds

These are additional buds, which develop in the leaf axil e.g. Duranta.

Extraaxillary buds

They develop on the node but outside the leaf base e.g. Cucurbita.


These are the buds which are formed from places other than apical or lateral position. They are of following three types:

(a) Foliar buds

They develop on leaves. e.g. Bryophyllum, Begonia, Kalanchoe.

(b) Radical bus

They develop on roots. e.g. Ipomoea batata (Sweet potato), Dalbergia.

Cauline buds

They arise directly from the stem in the regions of injury. e.g. Rose (Rosa indica), Jack fruit (Artocarpus integrifolia).


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