. What is irrigation Describe two methods of irrigation which conserve water

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Irrigation is defined as the supply of the water in the absence of rainfall with the help of manual or mechanical methods to the crops which is required for the optimum growth and yield.

The two methods which are water saving are Drip irrigation and Sprinklers irrigation.

  • Drip irrigation- is also called trickle irrigation which involves dripping water onto the soil at very low rates (2-20 litres /hour) by a system of narrow plastic pipes fitted with outlets called emitters or drippers.

Water is applied close to the roots of the plants unlike surface and sprinkler irrigation, which involves watering the entire area of the ground. In the drip irrigation method, water is to be given more frequently ( a gap of 1-3 days)

than in the other methods and hence it provides a great moisture level in the soil in which plants can have optimum growth.


  • Sprinkler irrigation system- allows the application of water under high pressure provided with the help of a pump. It irrigates the crops by sprinkling the water similar to rainfall through a small nozzle placed in the pipes.

Water is well distributed through a system of pipes and cisterns, sprayed thin into air and irrigates in most of the soil types usually,  due to its wide range of discharge capacity.



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