. What is Jhum cultivation

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Jhum cultivation is a traditional farming technique in which first the land of bushes and different plants is cleared, burned and then cultivated for a limited variety of years. Potash, present with in the burnt soil, will increase the nutrient content. Jhum cultivation is similarly referred to as shifting cultivation and slash and burn cultivation. It is one of the oldest systems of cultivation. This cultivation always being practiced in the North-Eastern hilly areas of India. It is similarly being practiced in the different hilly areas of India and Bangladesh.

In the system of this cultivation, at the beginning the natural vegetation at the land is cleared through cutting trees, shrubs and bushes. During May and June, the existing vegetation is cleared through burning. Then grains are shown before the monsoon arrives. Thus, cultivating a patch of land for some years, they circulate to a new patch of land and the cycle continues. Once the area is left after harvesting, it remains unattended for 10-20 years to have its vegetation back. It is assumed that the soil fertility is restored all through this fallow period.

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