. What is Joint Explain ball and socket joint along with diagram

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  • The structural arrangement of tissues which connect two or more bones together at their place of meeting is called a joint . It is also known as articulation.
  • Many joints permit movement between the opposed surfaces of the bones they connect, but this is not essential as a joint may be immovable.
  • Some joints allow the growth of the structures they connect.
  • The joints make the body flexible.
  • There are three main types of joints : fibrous, fixed or immovable; cartilaginous or slightly movable and synovial or freely movable.

Final Answer: 

A joint is the area of the skeleton where two or more bones come together and move freely.

The ball and socket is a synovial joint in which freely movable joints mostly exist between the limb bones . they permit a great deal of movement.

Ball and socket joint:

  • One bone forms a bone-like head that fits into a socket formed in the other bone. The bone with a head can move nearly in all directions . The shoulder and hip joint are examples of this joint.
  • Ball is at the end of humerus and femur bones and socket is in the pectoral and pelvic girdles,
  • It is the most mobile of all synovial joints. Movements at this joint may stretch , fold and rotate a limb, they also show adduct (toward the body) and abduct (away from body ) movements.

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