. What is meant by saying that metals are

(i) Malleable (ii) Ductile (iii) Lustrous and (iv) Sonorous


Best Answer

(i) The property of metals which allows metals to be hammered into thin sheets is called Malleability. Due this unique property, metals can be flattened into thin sheets by hammering and rolling. For example, aluminium due to its high ductility, it can be changed into thin sheets to make aluminium foil

(ii) The property of metals which enables them to be drawn into wires is called Ductility. Due to this property metals can be stretched without breaking and drawn into thin wires. For example, Copper metal is used for making electric wires because it is highly ductile in nature

(iii) Metals have quality to reflect light. As a result, metals are lustrous in nature. It makes metals attractive due to their luster and rarity. Hence, metals like, gold and silver are used to make jewellery. These metals do not tarnish or react with air

(iv) Metals are sonorous because they produce a unique sound when something hard strikes their surface. As a result, metals are used in making bells or gongs

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