. What is meant by the term speciation

What is meant by the term speciation? List four factors which could lead to speciation. 3

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The process by which new species develop from the _existing species is known as speciation.


Important factors which could lead to the fomration of a new species are as follows:


• Genetic drift caused by drastic changes in the frequencies of particular genes by chance alone.                                                                                                                


• Geographical isolation of a population caused by various types of barriers like mountain ranges, river, sea etc. The geographical isolation leads to reproductive isolation due to which there is no flow of genes between separated groups of population.


• Variation caused in individuals due to natural selection.


• Sometimes   the   sub-population becomes   reproductively    isolated   by   ecological barriers. Therefore  it  occurs  within  the  same  geographical  area  and  within  the original  population


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