. What is molar conductivity

How is it related to the concentration of electrolyte?

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Molar conductivity: Molar conductivity is defined as the conductance shown by 1 mole of an electrolyte.

It can also be defined as the conductance or conductivity shown by unit volume of a 1 molar solution of electrolyte that is placed between two electrodes which are a unit cm apart.

Mathematically, it is given as,


Where,Am  is molar conductance/conductivity

k is measured conductivity or specific conductance

c is the concentration of electrolyte (M)

The SI unit of molar conductivity is Sm2mol-1.

Since  Am α1/2, the molar conductivity decreases with the increase in concentration.

As we go on diluting, the concentration decreases and hence the molar conductivity increases.


Final Answer:

Molar conductivity is the conductivity shown by 1 mole of an electrolyte. Since molar conductivity is inversely proportional to the concentration of electrolyte, it decreases with an increase in concentration.




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