. What is oogamy

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Based on the structure of the gametes undergoing fertilization, gametes are of the following types-

  • Isogamy- Gametes undergoing fusion are morphologically similar, but physiologically can be different. Such gametes are called isogametes. For example-Chlamydomonas.
  • Anisogamy- Gametes undergoing fusion are different in size and motility. Such gametes are known as anisogametes or heterogametes. In higher invertebrates and vertebrates, anisogamy is witnessed.

The common type of anisogamy involves - oogamy (where the fusion of a large non-motile female gamete (egg or ovum) and a small motile male gamete takes place). In oogamy, gametes differ in properties. 

  • Microgamy-Fusing individuals and gametes are smaller than normal. For example-certain Protista
  • Autogamy- Both gametes undergoing fusion are from the same cell. For example- Paramecium

Final Answer-

Oogamy is a type of anisogamy, where gametes undergoing fusion are different in size and properties. 

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