. What is Surface area of cylinder

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The surface area of a cylinder is the region occupied by its surface in a 3-D space. A cylinder is a 3-D shape having circular bases that are parallel to each other. It does not have vertices. Generally, the area of the 3-d shapes refers to the surface place. The floor place is represented in rectangular units. For example, cm2, m2, and so on. A cylinder may be seen as a set of circular disks which are stacked on one another.  Since the cylinder is a solid of a 3-D shape, it has each surface area and volume.

Surface Area of Cylinder = Curved Surface + Area of Circular bases

S.A. (in terms of π) = 2πr (h + r) sq. Unit

Where, π = 3.14 or = 22/7

r= the radius of the cylinder

h =height of the cylinder

Surface Area of a Cylinder

Formula of Surface Area of a Cylinder:

A cylinder is of two types of surface area:

Total Surface Area, T = 2πr (h + r)

Curved Surface Area, S = 2πrh

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