. What is the Bhabar

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Bhabar is a narrow belt which lies resemblant to the Shiwalik lea. Rivers deposit pebbles etc. in the belt of Bhabar when they approach down from the mountains. The range of this belt is about 8 to 10 km. This narrow belt runs in East to West direction along the bottom of the Shiwalik range of the Himalayas. This belt is extensive in the western and north-western hilly region and comparatively narrow in the east hilly region. This belt is not suitable for any agricultural activity and big trees are factory in this belt. The Bhabar plains are exhausted for major trees which hold large roots. These plains are located south of Shiwalik from Jammu to Assam. This belt comprises complexion deposit reserves and the sediments which are present in the soil of Bhabar plains is deposited by the aqueducts which descends from the Himalayan peaks.

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