. What is the molecular mass of sodium sulphate

A: 154

B: 119

C: 165

D: 142


Best Answer


The molecular mass is the entire sum of the masses of the atoms or components in the molecule.

Following the given substance, we may get the molecule's molecular mass:

  1. Determine the compound or molecule's formula.
  2. Determine the number of atoms in each element of the compound or molecule using the formula.
  3. Multiply each element's atomic weight by the number of atoms in that particular element.
  4. Carry out the same procedure for all of the constituents in the molecule or complex.
  5. Add together all of the values you got in the previous step.
  6. The molecular mass of the material can then be calculated by adding the unit as grams/mole.

 Final Answer: 

The molecular formula of sodium sulphate is Na2SO4, this can be calculated as:

2×Na+1×S+4×O=2×23+1×32+4×16=142 g/mol

Thus, option D is the correct answer. 



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