. What is the Perimeter of a Pentagon

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The perimeter of a pentagon is the total measure of its boundary and it is calculated by including the length of all its sides. Since a pentagon is a 5-sided polygon all of the 5 sides may be added to find its perimeter. The perimeter of a pentagon is indicated in linear units like inches, yards, centimetres, and so on.

Formula of Perimeter of Pentagon

We understand that the perimeter of a pentagon is the sum of the lengths of all its sides. Now, if it is a regular pentagon, it means that all 5 sides are of same in length. Let us assume a regular pentagon of side length 'a'. In this case, the perimeter may be calculated with the help of the formula, Perimeter = a + a + a + a + a, that is 5a. Therefore, the simple formula for the perimeter of a regular pentagon is given below.

Perimeter of pentagon = Sum of all its sides

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