. What is the physical state of water at (a) 25°C (b) 0°C (c) 100°C Solution

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Explanation :

The freezing/melting point of water(H2O) is 0°C while it's boiling point is 100°C.

Thus, at 0°C,process of melting of ice(s)and freezing of water(liquid) occur simultaneously,keeping ice(s) and water(l) in equilibrium. 

Similarly, at 100°C, water(liquid) and water vapour (gas) are in equilibrium since both boiling of water(l) and condensation of vapour (g) take place simultaneously. 

In between this temperature range i.e between 0°C to 100°C, water exists in liquid state. 

Hence it can be concluded that:

at 25°C, physical state of water is liquid

at 0°C, physical state of water is both liquid and solid. 

at 100°C, physical state of water is both liquid and gas(vapour). 


Final Answer :

The physical state(s) of water at given temperatures are as follows:

At 25°C - Liquid

At 0°C - Both solid and liquid

At 100°C- Both liquid and gas. 



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