. What is the Valency of carbon

(A) 1
(B) 4
(C) 3
(D) 2

Best Answer

 Originally we all have to know the termvalency,

1. Valency is defined as the associating power of an constituent with hydrogen. The composition of hydrogen which can attach to an element gives the valency of the element.
For illustration, the H forms 2 bonds with oxygen so the valency of oxygen is 2.

2. Now, we know that the number of electrons in the furthermost shell of carbon is 4. In order to achieve the noble gas configuration of the nearest noble gas, carbon makes four bonds with hydrogen.

Therefore,. It's also Known as Tetravalency of Carbon.

1. Multitudinous physical plots of carbon are explained on the base of its tetravalency.
2. Carbon shows extensive concatenation due its tetravalency and small size. Because of its tetravalency and small size carbon forms multiple strong bonds with other rudiments, especially hydrogen.
3. Diamond is an allotrope of carbon and it's the hardest naturally being substance due to the tetravalency of carbon.
Hence, the valency of carbon is 4.

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