. What is vegetative propagation? Give two suitable examples.

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Vegetative propagation in plants is a method of asexual reproduction in which the parts other than seeds are used as propagules. In fact, it is a method of propagation in those plants which have lost their capacity to produce, seeds or produce non-viable seeds (e.g., Banana, seedless Grapes, Rose, Pineapple, etc.) Among flowering plants, every part of the body, such as root, stem, leaf or bud takes part in vegetative propagation. Modified tuberous roots can be propagated vegetatively when planted in soil (e.g., sweet potato). Underground modified stems such as rhizomes (e.g., Ginger, Eichhornia or water hyacinth, etc.), corms (e.g., Colocasia, Banana, etc.), bulbs.(e.g., Garlic, onion, etc.), etc.

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