. What is vestibule training similar to

A: On-the-job training

B: Off-the-job training

C: Refresher training

D: Apprenticeship training


Best Answer

Explanation of correct option :

  • Vestibule training is similar to on-the-job training because the learning takes place at the worksite emergency.
  • The difference between vestibule training and on-the-job training is that in vestibule training, the employees are trained with mock equipment rather than actual equipment. 
  • This means that the trainees can learn to operate machines without fear of breaking them or causing injury to themselves or others.

Explanation of incorrect option :

  • Off-the-job training is not as practical as vestibule training because it does not use the actual place or places where you will be working.  
  • Refresher training is when a person has trained again after some time has passed, usually because of changes in regulations or technology.  
  • Apprenticeship training gives at the same time learning theory and skills in a classroom setting. It's more hands-on than vestibule training.

Final answer:

  • Hence, the correct option is A. On-the-job training.


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