. What will happen if

(a) we go on cutting trees

(b) the habitat of an animal is disturbed

(c) the top layer of soil is exposed


Best Answer

Answer: (a) If we go on cutting the trees

If we go on cutting the trees, the animals will lose their natural habitat as an essential part of their ecosystem are destroyed. This reduces the biodiversity of the affected areas. The temperature of the Earth also increases and gives way to global warming. Global warming, in turn, affects the water cycle. Hence, rainfall pattern changes leading to droughts and floods. Risks of soil erosion, global warming, desertification, greenhouse effect increases.

(b) If the habitat of an animal is disturbed

All the basic necessities for an animal, like food, water, shelter and protection is provided by the habitat in which the animal lives-in disturbing the habitat of the animal forces it to move to another place in search of food, water, shelter and protection. The animal, in due course, may get killed by other animals.

(C) If the top layer of the soil is removed

Removing the top layer of the soil gradually exposes the lower layers of the soil. The lower layers of the soil are hard and rocky in nature and are less fertile. This is because of the reduced quantity of humus. Soil erosion on a continued basis will turn it barren and infertile.




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