. What will happen if

What will happen if, (a) We go on cutting trees. (b) The habitat of an animal is disturbed. (c) The top layer of soil is exposed.

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A. Cutting of trees is called deforestation. It has an alarming impact on our environment.

If we keep cutting trees then:

  • Soil erosion will increase.
  • Habitat of many organisms will be lost. 
  • Global warming will increase.
  • Quality of air will decrease.
  • There will be a drastic impact on climate.

B. Habitat is the place where an organism lives.

  • They get food, water and shelter from their habitat.
  • If we disturb the habitat of an animal then they will move to other places in search of food, water and shelter.
  • Due to insufficient food supply, they may fall ill and die due to starvation.
  • They can get killed by other animals or by humans.

C. The top layer of soil is very fertile. It contains humus. 

If the top layer of the soil is exposed then:-

  • The humus of the soil will get lost.
  • The soil will become infertile.
  • Sooner the land will become barren. 
  • No plantation will occur. 

Final answer :- 

Hence,this is the explanation of changes that will occur if we go on cutting trees, the habitat of an animal is diturbed, and the top layer of soil is exposed.

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