. WhenC12 water is added to an aqueous solution

of potassium halide in presence of chloro form a violet colour is obtained on adding more ofC12  water

; the violet colour disappears and a colourless solution is obtained. This test confirms the presence of the following in aqueous solution :

A: Iodide

B: Bromide

C: Chloride

D: Bromide and chloride


Best Answer


When the reagent is introduced dropwise to an iodide solution, free iodine is liberated, which turns the solution brown and dissolves in

the organic layer, generating a violet solution that sinks below the aqueous layer after shaking with .CS2,CHC13 or CC14

2KI + C12 → I2+ 2KC1

I2 + Chloroform → Violet solution

Hence, the test confirms the presence of iodide in the aqueous solution.

Final answer:

The correct option is A, i.e. iodide.


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