. Which element of period 3 of the modern periodic table

(i) is the most reactive  non:-metal?

(ii)  is the most reactive  metal?

(iii) forms ion with  -2 charge?

(iv) forms ion with  +2 charge?


Best Answer

Ans.   (a) Mendeleev was guided by two  factors:

(i) increasing atomic  masses.

(ii) grouping together  of element  having similar  properties.

(b) (i) Cl is the most  reactive  non-metal

(i) An element  having  two shells  completely  filled  with electrons.

(ii) Two elements  belonging to the same group  of the periodic  table.

(ii) Na is the most  reactive  metal.

(iii) S forms  -2 charged ion.

(iv )  Mg forms  +2 charged ion.


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