. Which is the Largest Freshwater Lake in India

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Ans. The largest freshwater lake in India is Wular Lake (also chased as Wullar). It's also one of the largest clear lakes in Asia. Wular Lake is located in Bandipora quarter of Jammu and Kashmir, India. big exertion has formed the lake receptacle and it's fed by the Jhelum River. The extent of the lake is 100 square country miles (30 to 260 square kilometres). Due to willow colonies in the neighbouring area, the maximum portion of the lake has been drained. The willow colonies expanded on the props of the lake during the 1950s. Wular is regarded as one of the most beautiful natural heritage spots of India.

History of Wular Lake-the Largest Freshwater Lake in India

Wular Lake is among the 37 Indian washes recognised as the Ramsar point. The lake also faced some environmental issues for the conversion of large portions of the lake’s catchment areas into agrarian land. Wular Lake is visible for its colorful kinds of fish range. Many of the important species are common complaint, rosy slap, mosquito fish, Nemacheilus species, Crossocheilus latius, etc. The main part of the diet of Kashmiri people is fish. Wular Lake is the source of livelihood of around 8000 fishers.

Piecemeal from that around hundreds of citizens are involved in collaborative societies that trade fish catch. Birds are another centre of magnet of Wular Lake. There are thousands of terrestrial birds that can be seen in the lake. Many of them are black-eared vampire, Eurasian sparrow hawk, short-toed eagle, Himalayan golden eagle, Himalayan monal, chukar partridge, koklass pheasant, alpine nippy etc.

Part in Tourism

Kashmir is one of the stylish sightseer spots in India and warmly accredited not only by the Indian excursionists but also by the International excursionists. Wular Lake plays a pivotal part in expanding the tourism assiduity in the vale. Lately Govt of India has introduced voyaging, water sports and water skiing in collaboration with Kerala Tourism and J&K Tourism. The award of the contract was given for the below conditioning in September 2011.

Wular Lake was included as a Wetland of National Importance under the Washes Programme of the Ministry of Environment and Timbers, Govt of India in 1986 for its natural, hydrological and socio-profitable values. The below addition was done for ferocious conservation and operation purposes. According to the Ramsar Convention, the lake area is used for scrap jilting.

To restore Wular Lake under the National Lake Conservation Programme, nearly two million trees need to be cut down. A Rs 4 billion- design has been planned for the restoration programme which will take around 5 to 10 times. The South Asian Voluntary Association of Environmentalists (SAVE) is partnering with the Government of India in the below design to save the ecology and nature around Wular Lake.

India is nominated as the land of prodigies and Wular Lake should be in the list of those prodigies. It isn't only the largest brackish lake in India but also the niche of several fish and catcalls. The natural beauty of Wular Lake makes it a centre of magnet in Kashmir vale.

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