. Which is the largest state in India (according to area)

A: Madhya Pradesh

B: Uttar Pradesh

C: Maharashtra

D: Rajasthan

Best Answer


  • The biggest state in India by terms of region is Rajasthan. The region involved by Rajasthan in our nation is 342,239 Km2. 
  • The capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur. It is arranged toward the west of India on the line with Pakistan. According to the Census 2011, the complete population of Rajasthan is 68,548,437. 
  • The education pace of Rajasthan is 66.11 %. The number of regions in Rajasthan is 33. The Lok Sabha seats from the state of Rajasthan is 25.

Final Answer:

Hence, the correct option is D, Rajasthan. 


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