. Which is the living component of the xylem

A: Tracheids

B: Xylem fiber

C: Xylem parenchyma

D: Trachea

Best Answer


Xylem is a complex permanent plant tissue-

Xylem comprises of four different types of cells-

  1. Xylem parenchyma (consist of living parenchymatous cells, thin cells made up of cellulose)
  2. Xylem Tracheids (they are devoid of protoplasm and hence they are dead), the main element of conduction. 
  3. Xylem vessels(they are also devoid of protoplasm and hence they are dead)
  4. Xylem fibers(wood fibers) are the sclerenchymatous cells, that provide mechanical strength) 

Xylem parenchyma is the only cell that is living in the xylem. 

Final Answer-

So, The correct option is C.

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