. Which of the following alkenes is the most stable


Best Answer


Amongst the given alkenes, option C is the most stable alkene. 

Reason :

The stability of alkenes Or any organic compound is compared by considering various parameters like aromaticity, resonance, hyper-conjugation, etc. 

In these alkenes, aromaticity, resonance are all absent and only hyper-conjugation (Nathan-Baker effect) is possible. 

So considering the number of hyperconjugative structures (HC) , these alkenes can be compared and the one with maximum HC is most stable. No. Of HC is equivalent to the number of alpha H. 


In option A, only 1 HC is possible. 

In option B, 4 HC are possible. 

In option C, 8 HC are possible. 

In option D, same as option A, only 1 HC is possible. 

Final Answer :

Thus, the correct answer is option C, i.e. amongst the given alkenes, 3rd one is most stable courtesy maximum no.of hyperconjugative structures. 


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