. Which of the following chemical bond is present

between H and Cl in HCl ?

A: Ionic bond

B: co - ordinate covalent bond

C: Non - Covalent bond

D: Polar covalent bond


Best Answer

Explanation :

The correct answer is option D i.e a polar covalent bond is present between H and Cl in HCl. 

This is because the electronegativity(EN) value(on Pauling scale) of H is 2.1 while that of Cl is

3.0 , so the EN difference between the two is 0.8 and bonds with EN difference in the range of

0.5 to 1.7 are polar covalent while those below are non-polar covalent and the ones above are ionic bonds. 

Final Answer:

Thus, HCl with a EN difference of ~0.8 (on Pauling scale) has a polar covalent bond, so the correct answer is option D. 


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