. Which of the following have an independent gametophyte

generation and a dependent sporophyte generation?

A: Horsetails

B: Mosses

C: Ferns

D: Conifers


Best Answer


The plants can be present in their gametophyte or sporophyte phase. 

One of these can be the dominant phase of the plant. 

Plants bear gametes (n) which form the zygote (2n), zygotes develop into the embryo and ultimately to the plantlet.

In lower plants, The zygote develops into the sporophyte(2n) where the spore mother cells undergo meiosis to produce spores which again form gametophyte. 

This life cycle of plants continues. 

In bryophytes, the gametophyte is the dominant phase of the lifecycle like mosses, the gametophyte have spirally arranged leaves

present on slender and upright axis and rhizoids which are multicellular branched and haploid.

The sporophyte is dependent on gametophytes for water, minerals and attachment.

In pteridophytes and gymnosperms, the dominant independent phase in their lifecycle is sporophyte. 

Horsetails and ferns are the examples of pteridophytes 

Conifers belong to gymnosperms.

Final Answer:

The correct answer option is B, Mosses.



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