. Which of the following is an acellular organism

A: Bacteria

B: Fungi

C: Protozoa

D: Virus


Best Answer


  1. Bacteria belong to Kingdom Monera, they are prokaryotic cells lacking a true nucleus, and are typically unicellular (one group is mycelial).
  2. Fungi- They are the members of Kingdom Fungi, they have a thallus structure with a colorless filamentous structure called hyphae. Hyphae with branches and sub-branches form a complex network called mycelium.
  3. Protozoa- They are unicellular-eukaryotic organisms having a true nucleus.
  4. Virus- They are acellular organism that lies in the gray area between living and non-living. They behave like mere particles when in no contact with living cells. 

Final Answer-

So, The correct option is D. 

Virus is an acellular organism. 


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