. Which of the following is an example of muscular force

A. Two magnets attracting each other.

B. An apple falling from a tree.

C. Charges produced by friction.

D. None of these

Best Answer

Ans. The correct option is D.

Muscular Force which is applied by muscles of the body is known as Muscular force. All our body conditioning like lifting, walking, running, bending are because of muscular force. It's a contact force because muscular force can only be applied on physical contact.

illustrations Walking, running, jumping, etc. all are examples of muscular force and there are multiple further exertion which are done by applying the power of muscles that all will be exemplifications of muscular force.

A porter conveys a load on a wheel-barrow which is not an example for muscular force. Currently, the type of force is magnetic force.

An apple falling from a tree isn't an exampler of muscular force. now the type of force is gravitational force offered by the earth.

Charges produced by friction isn't a case of muscular force. Thus, the type of force is frictional force.

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