. Which of the following is an incorrect statement

A: PbF4 is covalent in nature

B: SiC1is easily hydrolysed

C: GeX4 (X = F, Cl, Br, I) is more stable than GeX2

D: SnF4 is ionic in nature

Best Answer

Solution: Option A is the correct answer.


A. In nature, PbF4  is not covalent. Because the Pb atom is very large and the F atom is very little, PbF is not covalent, according to Fajan's criterion.

B. Because of steric hindrance,SiC1 is a relatively unstable molecule that can be quickly hydrolyzed.

C. GeX4 is more stable than GeXbecause all of the orbitals in GeXare filled to capacity.

D. SnF4 is an ionic compound. Because the F atom is very little and the Sn atom is quite massive, it is ionic in nature, according to Fajan's law. 


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