. Which of the following is not a correct statement

(a) Multiple bonds are always shorter than corresponding single bonds.

(b) The electron-deficient molecules can act as Lewis acids.

(c) The canonical structures have no real existence.

(d) Every AB5 The molecule does in fact have a square pyramid structure.

Best Answer

Correct Option is: B

Option 1 is correct as bond length is inversely proportional to bond order. When no. of bonds increases the distance between the two atoms decreases. Thus, multiple bonds are always shorter.

Option 2 is also correct, Lewis acids are electron acceptors. So, the element which is electron deficient will only accept electron and thus acts as Lewis acids

Option 3 says Canonical structures have no real existence which is also correct. Resonance structure and canonical structures have the same meaning. Also, we know that resonance structures do not exist, what actually exists is Hybrid structure

Option 4 is incorrect because in AB5, The structure has a Trigonal bipyramidal structure.

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