. Which of the following is not a mineral acid

A: Hydrochloric acid

B: Citric acid

C: Sulphuric acid

D: Nitric acid


Best Answer


  • Mineral acid is derived from inorganic substances and dissolved in water to form ions.

HCl                +             H2O            H3O+     +                 Cl-

(Hydrochloric acid)     (Water)       (Hydronium ion)       (Chloride ion)

H2SO4                +             H2O            H3O+     +                 HSO4-

(Sulphuric acid)               (Water)      (Hydronium ion)       (Hydrogen sulfate)

HNO3                +             H2O            H3O+     +                 NO3-

(Nitric acid)                   (Water)          (Hydronium ion)       (Nitrate)

  • Citric acid is an organic acid that doesn’t dissociate in water.

Final Answer:

Hence, Option (B) is correct.

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