. Which of the following is the correct path taken by urine in our body

A: Kidney → ureters → bladder → urethra

B: Kidney → urethra → bladder → ureters

C: Kidney → bladder → urethra → ureters

D: Kidney → bladder → ureters → urethra

Best Answer


Our excretory system consists of pair of kidneys, two ureters, one urinary bladder, and one urethra.

When the blood plasma enters the kidney for filtration,  they return most of the water and solutes to the bloodstream. 

The remaining water, and solutes from the urine, which passes through the ureters and are stored in the urinary bladder till the reflex for micturition is generated, and finally the urine is excreted out through the urethra from the body. 


Correct, the sequence of paths taken by urine in our body is-



Final Answer-

So, The correct option is A. 

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