. Which of the following is the most stable

A: 1 - butene

B: 2 - butene

C: 1 - pentene

D: 2 - pentene


Best Answer


Saytzeff's rule can be used to determine the stability of various alkenes. 

According to Saytzeff's rule, the most stable alkene is the one that is highly substituted. A substituted alkene has carbon atoms that are doubly bonded to additional alkyl groups rather than hydrogen atoms.

Hyperconjugation increases the stability of a double bond when there are directly connected alkyl groups close to it. Each ∝ hydrogen atom in the alkyl group functions as a hydrogen, resulting in one hyperconjugative structure. The more hyperconjugative structures there are, the more stable the alkene is.

As a result, the alkene with the greatest number of  hydrogens is the most stable.

In the case of 2-butene, the number of  ∝ hydrogens are at their highest. 

Final Answer :

Thus, we can say that option B ( 2- butene) is the correct answer.



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