. Which of the following materials fall in the category

of a pure substance?

(a) Ice

(b) Milk

(c) Iron

(d) Hydrochloric acid

(e) Calcium oxide

(f) Mercury

(g) Brick

(h) Wood

(i) Air


Best Answer


To begin with, a pure substance is composed of one type of molecules only while mixtures

are composed of several constituents mixed in certain definite or indefinite proportions. 

Amongst the following , pure substances are :


c) Iron(Fe)

d) HCl(hydrochloric acid)

e) Calcium oxide (CaO, quick lime)

f) Mercury (Hg)

While the rest of the substances are all mixtures. 

Milk is a colloidal solution, while brick, air and wood are all made up of multiple constituent molecules. 

Final Answer:

Hence, amongst the following options a, c, d, e and f fall under the category of pure substances. 


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