. Which of the following possibilities make two roads coincide

All the roads of a village are either parallel or perpendicular to one another and are all straight roads, Roads Parallel to one another are A, B, C, D, E. Roads G, H, I, J, K, L, M are parallel to one another.

1. Road A, is 1 km East of B

2. Road B, is 1/2km West of C

3. Road D, is 1 km West of E

4. Road G is 1/2km South of H

5. Road I is I km North of J

6. Road K is 1/2km North of L

7. Road K is 1 km South of M

1. E and B are 1/2km apart       

2. D is 1/2 km east of A

3. L is 1/2km North of I

4. C is 1 km west of D

Best Answer

Ans: 1

Sol: If E and B are 1/2 km apart then there is possibility that the roads C and E coincides

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