. Which one of the following four glands is correctly matched with the accompanying description

a. Thyroid-      Hyperactivity in young Children causes cretinis

b. Thymus- Starts undergoing atrophy After puberty

c. Parathyroid-  Secretes parathormone, Which promotes movement of calcium ions from blood

d. Pancreas-    Delta cells of the islets of Langerhans secrete a hormone, which stimulates glycolysis in liver

Best Answer

Ans || (b)

Solution ||| Thymus : Thymus is an endocrine gland, which is active  in young ones but gradually becomes inconspicuous after sexual maturity. Like other lymphoid tissues, thymus undergoes atrophy in response to adrenoglucocorticoids.

Certinism : It is the result of hyposecretion of thyroxin from thyroid gland during childhood.

Parathyroid : Parathormone secreted from parathyroid gland, promotes absorption of calcium from food in the intestine and its reabsorption from nephrons in the kidneys.

Delta cells of Pancreas : Delta cells may secrete small amount of gastrin and somatostatin. Which affects, gastric juice secretion and inhibition of glucagon and insulin respectively.


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