. Which one of the following is incorrect for ideal solution

A: P = Pobs - P calculated by Raoult's law = 0

B: Gmix = 0

C: Hmix = 0

D: Umix = 0


Best Answer

Explanation :

The correct answer is option B i.e. ∆G =0 is incorrect. 

For the formation of any kind of mixture, change in Gibb's Free Energy should be negative i.e.∆G <0.

While for an ideal solution, change in enthalpy ( ∆H ), change in internal energy( ∆U ) as well as difference between expected and calculated values of pressure(Pobs - Pcal) =0.

Final Answer :

Thus, the correct answer amongst the following is option B i.e. ∆G is not equal to 0 for an ideal solution. 


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