. Which ruler first established his or her capital in Delhi

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The capital of Delhi was first established by the king, Anangapala from Tomara Dynasty. Tomara Dynasty was one of the ancient medieval dynasties of northern India. It is not possible to trace the origin in detail. However, Purans gives us the details and the presence of Tomar’s in the Himalayan region. According to these sources, the dynasty is said to have 36 Rajputs tribes. The family starts with the rule of Anangapala, who founded Delhi in the 11th century and the incorporation of Delhi within Chahamana or Chauhan kingdom in the year 1164. The capital was conquered by Chauhans of Ajmer, but it is said that Tomar’s continued to rule Delhi as their feudatories until Delhi Sultanate.

The family is said to have vast resources. It is also assumed that the capital flourished under the reign of Ananga Pala became an important commercial centre. Many Jain merchants started living around the temples.

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